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Fat Ben's Bakery was a long thing coming.  My obsession for pastries and sweets was bound to find a way out of me.


Growing up my mother use to bake with me. She showed me the in's and out's of the kitchen. Taught me how to test when cakes were done, know if a buttercream was splitting, and most importantly, always to taste my product. She always encouraged me to embrace my creative side. If I wanted to add more to a cake she would always ask me, "what's stopping you?"


From the first moment I burnt myself while making caramels I knew I found something that was going to be difficult but exciting. Pastries + My Crazy Mind would equal the most unique and confusing thing you would ever allow yourself to enjoy. 


Everything I make will always show you a glimpse of who I am. You'll see bright colors, unsual flavor pairings, and a lot of flair. That's me. BIG. LOUD. BOLD.  


Fat Ben's Bakery's name came from the obvious reason. I use to be fat. I believe that everybody has a "Fat Ben" in them. Whether you're somebody who runs marathons, or a teacher on break in between screaming students, you're always going to crave a little something sweet. So you know what? Go for it. Indulge. You won't regret it.


You'll be able to find me floating between Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. Through high quality ingredients, you'll find yourself surprised and delighted to have ever tried a bake good from Fat Ben's Bakery. 


Thanks for trusting in my creativity.

Benjamin Arington

Owner, Creator, Chef



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